COVID 19 Protocols

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Patient's Procedures:

  1. Our new hours are:
    - Monday – Telehealth
    - Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday – Acupuncture and Qi Gong 
    - Wednesday Telehealth appt. available by request 


  2. All patients are asked to arrive on time, and if arriving early – wait in the car or in the outside courtyard. 

  3. All patients, visitors and practitioners have to wear masks before and during treatment. 

  4. All patients are asked to wash their hands prior to entering the clinic. 
    - Bathroom codes are: 125 <Enter> for women. 123 <Enter> for men.


  5. Upon entering the clinic, you will see a disinfectant placed by the door. Feel free to use it before and after the treatment. 

  6. All patients are asked to leave personal belongings in the car, only bring car key and wallet with them. All personal belongings are to be placed on the green field sheet on the table in the treatment room.

  7. All patients are checked for temperature prior to the treatment. 

  8. All patients are asked to wear loose fitting clothing for their treatment, minimizing need for disrobing and shifting clothes around.

  9. All payments and bookings are done online.

  10. For patients requiring herbal consultation – please, use Telehealth appointment, booked online or by request. Monday is Telehealth appt day. Small amount of Telehealth appts may be a possible by request on Wednesday. 

  11. For patients requiring significant updates to their existing herbal treatment – please, book Telehealth re-check appt. Your herbs will be dispensed to you, once ready, by being placed in a lockbox, that can be accessed at any time. The code will be provided to you. Please, wear gloves and disinfect your hands when using the lockbox. 

  12. To minimize need for face to face interaction, all patients returning to the clinic after a long break (more then a 2 months) are asked to schedule Telehealth check in first, prior to booking Acupuncture Treatment. This Telehealth appt will be used to screen for signs of C19, do all diagnostic intake, herbal intake if needed, and update your information as needed. 


Patient's Procedures:

  1. All appointments will be staggered allowing 30 min time for clean up, disinfection and air purification.

  2. All treatment surfaces and frequently touched surfaces, including chairs, treatment tables, light switches, door handles are disinfected between each patient, at the beginning and at the end of the day. 

  3. Medify Air Purifiers are left running at all times on Low, and during disinfection on high for at least 15 min.

  4. Practitioner will wear full PPE (robe, mask, face shield and gloves) when needling or examining the patient. 

  5. All garbage will be placed in the non-touch garbage container in the front of the waiting room or in the treatment rooms

  6. All door handles, light switches and table surfaces in the waiting room will be disinfected after each patient, in the beginning and at the end of the day. 

  7. Practitioner will wash hands and disinfect hands between each patient.

  8. The touch pad on the lockbox will be disinfected at the beginning and at the end of each day.