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Meet Kris

The Sage Place Leaves
Coach Kris Quintana


Transformational Life Coach

A World Champion martial artist and master instructor, Kris spent twenty years teaching families in Menlo Park, CA about leadership, self-discipline, and resilience through martial arts training.   Now she brings this experience to her life coaching clients.


In 2017, Kris was in a car accident that left her with Post Concussion Syndrome that would last over four years.   Her life completely changed in one moment.  Finding herself unable to do the activities that had become her identity, how she defined herself had to grow deeper than the things she did.  Kris gathered a team of coaches and healers to help her reassemble the puzzle of who she was. She became a life coach because she knew that her story would help others rewrite their own.  


Kris brings a unique perspective to the challenges her clients are facing and helps them replace old approaches with new habits. She understands the discomfort of change, and she knows what it takes to give yourself the space to move through it.  


Whether you’re stepping into a new phase of life, launching a new business or career, working through a health challenge, or trying to manage a family during a pandemic, Kris can help you find the clarity, energy, courage, and consistency keep moving forward with inspiration.

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