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Meet Nina

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Patient Care Coordinator, MCTCM, Acupuncture intern

Nina is a lifelong dancer, performer, teacher, science nerd and advocate for undeniable interconnectivity of mind, body and spirit. She has 18 years experience working in early childhood education in the non-profit sector and is trained in trauma informed pediatric practices.


Nina began her intensive dance training at age four and continued on to perform professionally in Boston, New York City and San Francisco.  She is a fourth generation Isadora Duncan dancer: a technique based on the movements of nature.  By connecting with the pulses of the natural world, the body aligns with its own natural state, a concept that aligns with foundational healing principles of Chinese Medicine.  


Nina obtained her Bachelors degree from Skidmore college in Dance and Psychology.  She used both degrees by implementing pediatric movement therapy interventions in a number of Boston area preschools and Head Start centers and recently at the Sonoma Charter Elementary School. She is the Movement specialist at the Cow Hollow School in San Francisco and will incorporate her pediatric experience as an acupuncturist and herbalist.


Nina has her Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland, with particular interest in internal medicine. Like many practitioners, she fell in love with Chinese Medicine and its profound capacity to heal through personal experience. This was the sprout that allowed the profession ultimately chose her as resonates with the dancer, the scientist, the nature lover and the healer.

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