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Meet Jayne

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Photo of Jayne Chen


Doctorate Fellow, Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Jayne joins The Sage Place in Redwood City after she founded her own clinic Whole Health Integrative Care in San Francisco, where she quickly became well known as a specialist in treating TMJ and other related conditions. Jayne comes from a broad background of experience in a variety of Eastern and Western medical modalities. 

She specializes in pain management, neurological disorders, and cranial-sacral therapy, as she works with patients throughout all stages of life, helping them to prevent future disease with ongoing support and education.


Jayne’s introduction to Chinese Medicine and herbs came in high school. While in college, Jayne experienced a bike accident, leading her to begin consistent acupuncture support, which led to a deep dive into Qigong and Taichi practices. Her interest furthered throughout college as she worked through her journey of healing her digestive issues and improving her general well-being.


Jayne combines Eastern and Western methods, lifestyle, herbology, nutrition, and breathwork in her care techniques. She works closely with each of her patients to discover the root causes of their conditions and designs a comprehensive path to treat their body, mind, and spirit. Jayne is committed to providing high-quality, results-driven healthcare to her patients.


Passionate life-time learner Jayne is currently a Doctorate Fellow at Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Science in Oakland, CA. 

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